Follow the yellow brick road…

April 9, 2007

We are almost done developing our technology and interface for iBakeSale, our first consumer rewards program. We have just engaged a PR firm to help us market the program to consumers through a variety of on-line and off-line publications (journals, magazines, newspapers etc.). Furthermore we have hired a few more part-time technology developers to work with our technology team to expedite our time-table for additional functionality we would like to build into our technology. Given our recent commitment to all these near-term expenditures, Seth and I have decided that we will probably need to go back out to existing and new investors for additional capital. Seth is beginning to draft an updated business plan and executive summary to reflect iBakeSale and some our updated strategies, and I have spent hours updating our financial forecast to reflect the same. While this process has been grueling so far, we can only hope that with the successful launch of iBakeSale and demonstration of consumer adoption and usage, we will be able to attract new investors who may have been on the fence up until this point. Let the games begin…



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