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March 27, 2007

Seth and I have been debating for awhile now about the pros and cons of using the OnCard Marketing name for our consumer program. We’ve debated everything from OnCard Marketing, OnCard Rewards to OnCard Community. We settled initially for OnCard Community and even created a logo based off of the OnCard Marketing logo (see We were using that logo on the initial site design for about two weeks and were even able to sell merchants into joining our program under the OnCard Community name. However, we got to thinking about our consumer brand and decided that it was not a good idea to use OnCard anything. The main reason is that we don’t own the URL for OnCard. An Australian credit card company owns the website address for, which is a huge bummer for us. Luckily, we already have the trademark for OnCard in the U.S. and they don’t have any presence outside of China and Australia.

Nonetheless, we are stuck in a dilemma where if we call the rewards program OnCard Community, consumers (with their very short attention spans) will shorten the name to OnCard, and then if we get lucky and people actually tell all their friends about OnCard, people will end up on the wrong website confused as to how they were told to sign up with a company based out of China. So, we decided that it would be best to keep the OnCard Marketing name for merchants and create a uniquely branded name (and logo) for our first rewards program, one that reflects the focus on grass-roots fundraising and community giving. I spent hours on pouring over hundreds of domain names, emailing lists upon lists of possible names to Seth. Most of them I have to admit, were garbage. But out of all that rubbish, iBakeSale was born.

We like it because it is fun and conveys a sense of community, fundraising, grass-roots organizations, and alludes specifically to a common community fundraising activity (i.e. the bakesale) that we are looking to replace with a more tech-friendly way to shop and save for organizations near and dear to our consumers’ hearts. This could include school PTAs, religious organizations, little league and other sports teams, extracurricular school activities, as well as small to medium size charities looking to increase their fundraising efforts, for free. We are currently knee-deep in tech development and should hopefully be done by end of April for the general public. We will begin testing it on a small scale this weekend. Will keep you updated as we near launch of the program…



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