Selling merchant clients…

March 2, 2007

So Seth and I are starting to sell merchants on the merits of our first consumer rewards program, iBakeSale, which is currently under development. There are so many. We’ve created lists upon lists of merchants that we want in the program. Given our target demographic is mainly women, many of whom are moms, we focused our attention on female-focused merchants. The good news is that we are starting to get some interest. It will probably be a tough sell, given our program is not functional yet, but we are hopeful that the whole pay-per-sale thing will entice merchants to participate given it is practically risk-free. They only pay us when we generate sales for them. Who wouldn’t like that?!?! Well, Seth will be heading up this initiative because there is technology integration that needs to happen with each merchant and will have an impact on operations. Given Seth has headed up operations and technology, he’s going to head this up to make sure that the processes we develop right now will be sufficient to scale with the business as we get more consumers spending through our site. In business, as in cooking, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth… I will continue to reach out to media companies and charity organizations to pitch our white-labeled rewards programs to them. More updates later…



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