OnCard Marketing website complete!!!

November 22, 2006

We’re finally done with the our corporate website at http://www.oncardmarketing.com. It’s been quite a grind, but our designer and programmer have done a great job and really created a website and demo that we are extremely proud of. We can only believe that it will give us more credibility with investors and business partners. The demo was the hardest part, integrating some “dummy” functionality so that a user can click through it as though they are using it, even though it really doesn’t work (i.e. information is not being stored anywhere – no back-end database yet). It is quite comprehensive and we will begin showcasing this as our vision for the business, technology that we hope to begin developing over the next few months after we raise some more money…

Bottom Line: The one thing that this project has taught us is that it is critical that we to be crystal clear with what we expect. Although we thought we were clear with our extensive document that outlined exactly what we thought we wanted, things inevitably changed over the course of the project. I have to imagine that this is natural, to add some additional things and remove other as you see the site take form. The key here is to maintain crystal clear communication with your designer and programmer. We probably could have done a better job at this, and our designer and programmer could have pushed back a bit more when they felt that we were asking for too much. This was our first major development project, and as we’ve found, things always got pushed back, delayed, etc. I have no idea why this happened, but just be prepared. If you do one thing, don’t promise to show anything to anybody until it is complete (or near-complete). There are a ton of things that can delay the project and then you’ll be risk ruining the credibility you were hoping to build with your new corporate website/demo. We managed to salvage this credibility by showcasing only parts of the site that were working, but this is not advisable…



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