We need a website!

September 7, 2006

Seth and I have been talking a lot recently about building a corporate website for OnCard Marketing. We realize we need to have a web presence (since we ARE a technology company) and having an informational site would be the first step towards enhanced credibility. Once again, we find ourselves trying to do something neither of us have ever done before, building a website that is. I started pinging my contacts with emails trying to see if anybody know a web designer. At this point, I just need an education and don’t care how great the person it. We’ll evaluate that once we have some names. I’m calling a bunch of web designers I found using google adwords (great resource for finding stuff you need). The problem is I don’t know any of them and the price they’re charging is pretty steep (too steep for us).

Seth has a friend a few years older from his fraternity at Cornell who has a friend in graphic design. We checked out her work yesterday and are actually very impressed with some of the work she has done on websites. I’m so happy we finally found somebody who knows something about web design!! I’ll reach out to her and have a couple conversations about the project, our company, and the site we are hoping to build. I’ll let you know where this goes…



3 Responses to “We need a website!”

  1. rthresh Says:

    So what’s the rest of the story??

  2. jtreiber Says:

    It’s there, read on… 🙂

  3. AJW Says:

    Pretty impressive stuff! When can I sign up for your ibakesale program?

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