Executive recruiting, take 1…

July 10, 2006

So Seth and I got to talking about the need for executive management for our new start-up. We recognized that we were a bunch of young guys without any real start-up experience. We thought that we might be best served if we brought on a more seasoned entrepreneur with lots of experience to help lead our company. Seth and I want to remain the “founders” of OnCard Marketing, but we thought it might make sense to bring on another partner. We have been speaking with a few of our advisers about this and the responses are mixed. Some think we should run the company ourselves and rely on our board of advisers for guidance. Others agree that we need senior leadership brought in to run our business. The problem is that we will probably need to give a ton of equity for this individual.

Well, based on this advice, Seth and I decided to pitch the idea to one of our advisers who lives down in Texas to see if he might be interested in taking the helm. I have been in touch with him frequently over the phone about business-related issues and invited him to New York next week to meet with us in-person. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…



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